Information For Coaches/School Administrators

Please note:
It is up to the school athletic department to verify each week that your home games are listed in Arbiter with the correct start time for each game, and that it shows officials assigned to your game. This is especially important if you have made any changes to game times and/or dates after turning in your schedule at the beginning of the season.

In the majority of cases, when schools wind up not having any officials appear to cover their games, the administrators have failed to take this simple confirmation step. Similarly, when officials show up at a school for a game that was cancelled, administrators failed to confirm that the game has actually been removed from Arbiter.

Simply calling the NIAA office is not sufficient; the NIAA does not assign the game crews. You must communicate directly with the Football Commissioner, Jeremy McClenahan. Jeremy’s phone number and email contact information are available in the Arbiter system.

Expect our officials to appear at your game site no less than one hour before each contest. For varsity contests, most our crews will attempt to arrive 90 minutes before the scheduled kickoff. Please have an administrator prepared to escort them to their assigned pre-game room. We ask that this room be a private space with adequate room for 5 men to change clothes and be able to have a comfortable pre-game conversation. This is the mental prep time for the officials, so it is important for them to have a space in which they will not be interrupted by coaches and trainers as they run through their pre-game routine. We ask that this facility have a shower available to the officials for after the game, so they can wash off before traveling home.

If you ever have any concern about how one of our officials has treated your facilities or with their professional behavior in interacting with you; we ask you to contact Jeremy immediately. We set a very high bar of expectation for the professionalism of our member officials, and will certainly step in quickly to correct any one of them that is not meeting those expectations.

After every game, we would ask that you submit a game report form with your review on how our officiating crew did on the game. We also ask that you provide our organization with game tapes, so that we can review the performance of our officials and be able to train them in areas in which they need to improve. We strive for consistency from our officials in how they approach the “judgement calls” and in the mechanics they use to position themselves on the field to make good judgements.  Game film helps us in these training efforts. If you use Hudl, we ask that you send us a game film each week through the film exchange on that tool. If you do not use Hudl, we would ask that you mail Jeremy McClenahan DVD copies of your game film, or if you have an alternate online portal for such film, that you work with him to be able to transfer films to him.

Thank you for your help in ensuring a successful Football Season!