Information for Veteran Officials looking to transfer to our organization

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Details on our organization:

Membership dues for our organization and the NIAA (the State sanctioning organization) are $80 per season; you will be expected to pay this fee when joining.  If you are joining our association at the start of the season, attendance is required at our preseason clinic, otherwise we will require you to sit out for two weeks and you will be ineligible for playoff consideration.  If you are joining mid-season, the Commissioner will work with you to figure out the best way to use your skills to augment any crews that are short of officials.

We currently have 7 Crew Chiefs – each crew chief is elected by the membership for a two year term.  Each crew chief drafts a new crew during our preseason clinic. Unlike many organizations, we do not maintain perpetual crews.  That does not necessarily preclude crew chiefs from often drafting several of their same preferred crew members year to year, but depending on the draft order for the year, there tends to be a fair amount of movement.  This process tends to discourage the “good old boy” system that we often hear officials complain about in other organizations. Our yearly draft tends to give talented younger officials, as well as talented veterans officials moving to our area, a great chance to break in to “the starting five” for the “big games”.

Most crews don’t necessarily stick officials in single positions. It is not unusual for many of our members to rotate between three or four different positions during the season, even for varsity games.  This keeps our organization versatile. If you were used to always being a Referee in your former organization; get used to the idea that while you may get some games at Referee, you are also likely to be asked to work the flanks, or umpire, or perhaps backjudge. Your crew chief will determine the positions with which he feels you have strengths and can be of help to him.

In our organization, our commissioner gives blocks of games to each crew chief, and that crew chief assigns those games to the people on his crew. Our typical crews contain about 12 officials, and each week the Crew Chief often has two varsity games, along with associated JV and Freshman contests to fill his crews on to. It is not unusual for Crew chiefs to “loan out” some of their crew to help other crew chiefs who may have absences during a week. The chief goal of our organization is to put our best product on to the field every night.

What we ask of you

Proof of your experience – We generally prefer something from your past assigner or past crew chief which shows the level of contests that you were previously officiating.  If you are unable to provide such information, we will ask you to attend our rookie functions until we can get a better sense of your actual skill levels.

High test scores – Our organization puts a high value on officials who know the rules; we feel that any well qualified veteran should be able to score highly on our annual certification test. We will have a standard Federation online test before the season; and we will give a more advanced level test during our preseason clinic.

Excellence – in professionalism, in demeanor, in work ethic, in dedication to our organization, our standards, and our chapter rules. We expect you to attend all of our meetings and training events, to show up to all assignments according to our typical schedules, to be available for our game schedules, to be prepared for those contests, to wear our chapter sanctioned uniform standards, and to perform well in those game assignments.

As a veteran official, your information will be given to the crew chiefs, and you will be drafted during the clinic to a crew. You will work with your crew at a High School scrimmage where your crew chief will be able to watch your position mechanics and get a feel for your judgement. It is quite likely that for the first two weeks, you will be working lower level games; however, any Veteran transfer who shows expertise on the field will very quickly find themselves working Varsity games in our organization. It is not at all unusual for highly skilled transfers to earn a playoff assignment in their first year in our organization.

That is the good news for you! We value and crave new talent! The flip side of that is the fact that our standards are very high! We have a very strong organization with a history of producing outstanding talent. Not every veteran transfer winds up measuring up; some come from organizations with lower standards for rules knowledge; more lax rules on when to show up to game sites, how to dress, how to interact appropriately with coaches and players and with your fellow crew members.

If you are ready to meet our high standards, then we are excited to have you and to help you to succeed and to reach your personal goals.

Please fill out the forms on this link, and be prepared to email evidence of your experience to our Chapter Officers.