Recruiting – Become An Official

If you have previous experience as a High School Football Official and wish to transfer to our organization, please see our link on the Contacts page.

Applications for new officials can be found through our Contacts page.

Our Association is always interested in adding new members who share our passion for the game of Football.
We are always in need of additional new talent. all we ask is for your love of the game, a commitment to excellence and professionalism, and a keen desire to learn and continuously improve.
If you have the desire to give back to your local communities, and to this great game; what better way than by joining an organization that is dedicated to promoting fairness, safety and sportsmanship in our local amateur athletic contests.

We service over 30 High School programs in our region, equating to coverage of over 300 games per season.
Many high schools which formerly played games on Saturdays, have in recent years transitioned to the Friday Night Lights tradition.
The need for qualified high school officials is always high.

New members to our association will receive extensive training and mentoring on rules application and in game mechanics.
You will start gaining experience immediately by officiating freshman level games, and will have the opportunity available to work youth football games with support from experienced High School officials. Your initial games will generally consist of 4-person officiating crews, led by one or two veteran officials paired with two newer members.

Many new members are surprised to learn how much variation there is in the High School Rule Book from those used by the NFL and the NCAA. We have experienced instructors who can help you to quickly absorb the intricacies of the High School Rule Book. We will teach you where to place yourself on the field to safely observe and judge every style of play.

Our process begins early, well before the season starts. New rule books are distributed in June (every year brings a few new rules or technical changes to existing rules), along with study materials to help our officials prepare for our yearly certification tests.
Study sessions are held throughout July and Early August. In August, we conduct a mandatory two day training clinic. It will be during this clinic that new members will be assigned to a Crew for the season. August will also bring opportunities for on field training exercises during High School practices and scrimmages.

High School games begin in the final weeks of August. Individuals who wish to officiate must be prepared to commit to availability on Thursday and Friday evenings from Late August through November.  There are also some High School games to cover on Saturday afternoons (mostly smaller rural schools), and the youth league games which  our organization covers are on Saturday afternoons and evenings. While you are not required to be available for each and every day during this time period, you must keep in mind that the season is short and the greater your availability, the greater your experience.

Being a football official means belonging to a unique and proud fraternity where friendships are key and trust is paramount. Few outsiders realize that during any football game, there are actually three teams on the field. The first two are wearing helmets and shoulder pads, while the third is wearing black and white stripes.

You can expect a great deal of fun and satisfaction, and also a great personal challenge. Officiating requires you to handle the stress and pressure of making instantaneous decisions, as well as the ability to calmly resolve conflicts. Furthermore, just keeping up with the speed of the game even at the high school level requires you to be in good physical condition.

If you would like to join our association, please fill out the New Officials form on the Contact page. Our recruitment coordinator will contact you shortly and provide you with additional information regarding the location, dates and times of upcoming association events, as well as how to purchase your game uniform (typically between $150 – $200 for first-year officials). All necessary rule books and study aids will also be made available to you.

Join our association, and discover what it’s really like to be part of the game. It truly is the best seat in the house!